Susan McCarthy

Sue has been working with Hardwick Day as a statistician since 2009.  Her primary role is to conduct the applied statistics that support the company’s financial aid optimization models and simulations.  Sue enjoys being a part of Hardwick Day because she appreciates the team’s dedication – she believes that everyone truly cares about what they do, and are hard-working and detail-oriented.

Sue has always enjoyed mathematics but never considered it a career option until a professor suggested it to her at the beginning of her sophomore year in college. She went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mathematics with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Her career in statistics began at Custom Research, Inc. as a statistical analyst. Since 1995, Sue has been a full-time consultant working with multiple companies to meet their statistical needs.

Sue enjoys spending much of her free time at her family cabin in northern Minnesota. When at the cabin she enjoys a slower pace, preferring leisurely pontoon rides with friends, family and her schnauzers to the speedy 300 horse-power boats. Sue also loves to travel and welcomes recommendations for new locations that should be added to her bucket list.


Favorite book/movie: Movie: The Fisher King. Book: The Prince of Tides (the movie was awful!).

Favorite class/job in college: Linear and Differential Equations were my favorite two classes of all time (what a nerd!).

What unsolved mystery continues to bother you? The Jacob Wetterling abduction – I grew up in St. Cloud near where he was abducted.

What’s the best thing about the people you work with? Their intelligence.